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Published May 30th, 2007 by admin

How to Unzip a Directory Filled with Zip Files

I know I find myself in this predicament quite often. I download a bunch of new WordPress themes or any other collection of zip files and place them into a folder.

Then I want to unzip all of them into their respective folders in one swift motion.

The code to do so from the terminal?

First browse to the directory containing all the zip files and then issue this command:

unzip \*.zip

Simple huh?

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Published May 23rd, 2007 by admin

How to refresh Gnome Panel

Sometimes you may run into a pickle where the desktop becomes unresponsive.

To heal this predicament type at the Terminal:

killall gnome-panel

This will restart Gnome desktop.

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Published May 22nd, 2007 by admin

Correct syntax for using SSH and SFTP on irregular ports

This is a little more advanced than the last few topics but I want to appeal to all Ubuntu/Linux users over time and not just beginners…

So without further ado, here is a few ssh syntax tips (this also applies to most versions of Linux):

 (replace items in < > with your stuff, without the < >)

ssh -p <port number> <username>@<server name>

SSH to accept socks 5 proxy on port you specify:
ssh -p <port number> <username>@<server name> -D <port to watch>

sftp -oPort=<port number> <username>@<server name>

Forward the X server from your remote box:
ssh -X -p <port number> <username>@<remote computer>

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Published May 21st, 2007 by admin

Monday Quick Tip

Need to find out how login your system has been powered on?


That was easy huh?